Chris Monroe: President

Chris Monroe: President

Jessica, only 30 years old, was a new mom when she learned that she had breast cancer. Her saving grace was her life insurance policy with living benefits. Watch her story here.


Family Medical Innovations was born from a simple question that we asked, “How safe are our customers anyway?” The answer was deeper and wider than we had ever considered. Then we realized that we had many more answers right inside our walls than anyone who comes to us even knows.



Financial Service Made Simple

We encounter people every day who are confused, intimidated and scared to make financial decisions with their retirement tools. Ask yourself this question, if you were going to climb a mountain, would you hire a guide that could get you to the top but wasn’t really sure how to get down, or would you find one who could guide you both up and down the mountain safely. That answer is simple and applies equally to your money. Many advisors are good at helping you during the accumulation phase of your life but are very limited in their understanding of retirement income streams. That is our specialty. Call us today for a free consultation on how to maximize your retirement resources.



Insurance and annuities rock

Life insurance and annuities get a bad rap. Mortality and death itself are topics that no one wants to discuss. However, legacy building and lifetime income security are extremely important to us. We help our clients navigate the tumultuous world of financial tools and get solid, fixed options to last a lifetime. Call us to schedule a meeting to see how to get this security in such an uncertain world.