choose family medical as your cpap supply provider

Routinely replacing your sleep therapy supplies is essential for good sleep and overall wellness. The list below indicates the manufacturer's recommendations for your quarterly prescription fulfillment. Most insurances and Medicare cover these supplies but make sure to call us at (309) 682.1900 option 5 to schedule an appointment, ask any questions or to call in your supply order directly. 

full face mask users:

Mask & Head gear- 1 set

Cushion- 3 each

Tubing- 1 each

Disposable Filter- 6 each

nasal mask & nasal pillow users:

Mask & Pillows- 1 set

Cushions/Pillows- 6 each

Tubing- 1 each

Disposable- 6 each

We have partnered with an automated resupply company for your convenience. They will contact you, with your permission, each quarter to ensure that you receive your prescribed supplies. You are always welcome to come in or call us directly with any questions, concerns or issues.