Pride Lift Chairs - what's in a name?


Pride Lift Chairs have been the industry standard for 30 years

We have carried the Pride line of lift chairs for 30 years. We have tried other manufacturers and none have been as durable, as reliable or as easy to service, when needed, as Pride. As a Pennsylvania based company, Pride distinguishes itself as an American brand and a leader in lift chair technology. With dozens of sizes and styles to choose from, Pride literally makes a chair to fit everyone. Stop by our showroom and see just how comfortable and beautiful these chairs really are. Starting at around $749, Pride has a chair to fit everyone's shape, budget and style.

We offer a brown vinyl lift chair for RENTAL Rental chairs are great for hip, knee, ankle or foot surgeries!


Pride + Family Medical = Champions on every level

Pride backs their products with terrific warranties that range from 1-7 years and cover the basics of what could possibly go wrong with your "throne". If that isn't enough, Family Medical offers service and delivery that is second to none. Our staff can quickly diagnose and repair your chair so you are back up and running in an optimal time frame.