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This classic 4 wheel rollator is equipped with 6” wheels, a large padded seat, and an under seat pouch. This one in particular has a weight capacity of 300 lbs., weighing 14 lbs. It has a height adjustment featured through the handles of 32.25″ – 36.5″. 

*different sizes, colors, and features found in our store.

standard walkers

This walker has a lightweight aluminum frame and a two button release for great security. The walker folds to 4″ in width for easy transport and storage. It has a weight capacity of 300 lbs. and weighs 7 lbs. It's height adjustment is 32″ – 38″ and overall width is 23". 

*different sizes, colors, and features found in our store.


Our wide variety of canes come in different styles, colors, and features. We offer rubber grip, wooden handles, folding canes, specialty canes, quad canes, and heavy duty canes.


transport chairs

This transport chair has a carbon steel frame and padded upholstery. It is foldable and has a quick release fold-down back, as well as padded, fixed full-length arms for added comfort. This transport chair has locking rear wheels. It has a 300 lbs. weight capacity, and weighs only 23 lbs. The overall height unfolded is 39.5" and it's folded height is 23.75". It's overall width unfolded is 23.5" and it's folded width is 11".

*available for purchase or RENTAL.




This wheelchair has a weight capacity of 250 lbs. and has a weight of 36 lbs. It's overall width is 23.25"- 28.25".

*available for RENTAL.