Family Medical was started in 1973 by my father, Ed Monroe. In the beginning, my family served a wide variety of pharmacy clients, nursing homes and individuals. We pioneered unit dose medication delivery to the many skilled care facilities that had begun popping up in the area in addition to our small pharmacy on the western edge of Peoria.

In 1980, my father saw the north west corridor of Peoria expanding and wanted to be on the forefront of its growth. We moved to Frostwood Parkway, long before there was a Sam’s Club, the Shoppes at Grand Prairie, or virtually anything else out there. At that time, we changed our name to reflect the addition of medical equipment to our offerings and Medicare Equipment and Supply Company became our identity. 

We were a bit early - actually a decade early in that location. So we decided to move to a more accessible location on Knoxville Ave. within four years. That, in turn, produced another name change as we had expanded our product lines further to include sports braces, ambulatory aids, diabetic supplies and more. I joke that the sports braces were born from my many injuries as an athlete, but we decided that few people shopping for items like that wanted to be associated with Medicare. Therefore, my parents adopted the name, Family Medical Equipment and Supply Company as a way to reach a much broader audience.

Working in a health care related family business my entire life, I was accustomed to seeing things very few other people see. Injuries, illnesses, anxiety and loss were all part of our daily interactions with clients. However, so was recovery, freedom, and joy.

I purchased Family Medical from my parents in 2001. There were a number of reasons; however the most important one was the caring services we provide to each and every one of our clients. The compassion and care that our staff provides is second to none. I wanted to continue that legacy first started by my parents.

Family Medical embarked on a monumental change in 2013 when we moved our location to the center of Peoria. We expanded our service offerings again, focusing on healthy living, remaining active and remaining in our own homes as we all age gracefully. 

As we enter this next era, Family Medical will strive to be the partner with our customers in maintaining a healthy and active life. We will continue to offer items that enhance your wellness, your activity and your life’s enjoyment. We exist to serve the champions among us who are overcoming illnesses and injuries and give them the tools necessary to do this.

Thank you for partnering with and trusting Family Medical Equipment and Supply Company.  


Chris Monroe, President

In life, we have come to realize that it is not the destination that makes the difference. To us, it is the impact you have on the people you meet along the way and the experiences you share that make your life rich and vibrant. Choose your path and choose wisely the people with whom you share it.
— Chris and Heather Monroe

Proudest Accomplishments

The list below outlines some of our proudest moments and experiences:

  • 40 Under 40 Award Winner, 1997
  • Small Business of the Year, 2003
  • Prescott Bloom Service Above Self Award Winner
  • 20,000+ Active Customers Throughout central Illinois
  • In business continuously since 1973
  • Employees average 10 years of experience
  • Innovative showroom unlike any in the country
  • Staff has rescued countless feral cats to have them spayed & neutered
  • Cubs and Cardinals fans on staff work peacefully side by side all summer each year