our billing protocol..

When you visit Family Medical for the first time, you will complete forms. It may take a little time, but once you do, we will keep them on file for you. If you prefer to complete the forms prior to your appointment, you may email or fax them to us ahead of time to expedite your appointment.

Family Medical is in network for hundreds of different insurance plans. Since the health insurance marketplace is changing daily, we will call your insurance company to verify coverage. This takes time, but it will confirm benefits so you do not receive unexpected bills later! We highly encourage patients to call their insurance company prior to coming to Family Medical to confirm network status and preauthorization details.

We are able to accept assignment from some insurance companies, but with others we will require you to pay up front for your items. Family Medical will assist you by submitting all of the claims to your insurance so that you will receive your reimbursement directly from the payor. We submit claims daily to insurance companies so turn around time is usually less than 45 days.

If your insurance company tells you that "you have a covered benefit" for an item, it does not mean that this item will be paid for at 100% by your insurance. Most of our items are subject to a coinsurance and/or deductible. We will try to calculate this to the best of our ability so you know what portion is your responsibility.