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Family Medical is proud to be a team that offers decades of experience to our customers. Each of our team averages nearly nine years of experience in the medical supply field. The compassion, expertise and diligence of our team makes Family Medical what it is today. Meet our Family Medical team!


Chris monroe, president

heather monroe, vice president

Chris and Heather do life together and four is a common number in their world. They manage to work together each day and run four separate and distinct businesses.  They have four active teenage children that keep them busy throughout the year with sports and volunteer projects.  They have four cats (or more) at any given time running around their home.  Sometimes I wonder if they truly only have four hours of sleep/alone time each month but it works for them and it is awesome.  Besides work, kids and cats, Chris and Heather enjoy traveling, wine and working out together.



general manager

respiratory care practitioner

ABC Certified Fitter mastectomy

Suzanne is Chris’ sister and she has been working at Family Medical for twenty-eight years! She is the General Manager, a Respiratory Care Practitioner, and an ABC Certified Fitter of Mastectomy. She loves dogs and just recently rescued a little pup off the rainy road right before she came into work, and she is ABSOLUTELY obsessed with peacocks. She is definitely a morning person, which is why you’ll see her here at the shop bright and early every morning. Her favorite movie is Elf to pair up with her favorite holiday, Christmas. Suzanne loves helping women and mastectomy products are her favorite Family Medical items.


sales manager

Tim is Family Medical's sales manager and has been with our little family for seven years. Tim has a caring, and truly interested in you personality that reflects not only on our products but in our motto. His favorite team is the Chicago Bears and his favorite animal is Baloo, the bear from The Jungle Book. Both a little fictitious! He shares the same interest as most by wanting to check off a multi-month cruise of the South Pacific, visiting islands like Bora Bora. He enjoys our stair lifts and patient lifts most because it is so rewarding to see the glow on patients faces when they regain the freedom to enjoy their entire home again.


inventory manager

Judy, one of Family Medical's biggest pranksters, has been with us for eight years. She is the Inventory Manager and shares her favorite team with her co-worker Erin, the Cardinals. She’s one of the few, or many, that have seen Sir Paul McCartney which brings us to say her favorite band is the Beatles. She also shares her favorite animal with most people- dogs! She knows a lot about our products because she receives them into our store, but her favorite is the product line It Stays that helps patients keep their stockings up!


abc certified fitter mastectomy

Beth has only been working for Family Medical and The Plaid Daisy for about a year, but has earned her trust with our clients for her personable care and attention to detail. Her favorite items are our mastectomy bras because she loves it when a woman can confidently walk out the door in a perfectly fitting bra. She only has seven more states to visit before she can see all fifty states. She has eaten conch fritters, which may be someone’s favorite dish; it’s her strangest eaten dish. Given the chance to go anywhere she would choose the beautiful state of Alaska.


billing specialist

Kristy is everyone’s best friend. She’ll give you a hard time, but make you laugh and hear you out. She has been working here at Family Medical for twelve years as a Billing Specialist. She has been a die-hard Cubs fan for 40 years, so hopefully they win big before she dies hard. She is an unbelievable animal lover who cares for a feral cat colony and has a little special raccoon friend named Patchy. Her favorite super hero actually works here at Family Medical, Eric The Runner. Kristy does reminder calls and has developed friendships with some of her regular customers for CPAP supplies, which makes these supplies her favorite product we carry. 


clinical specialist

Erin is a clinical specialist and has been working at Family Medical for nine years. Her favorite sports team is the Cardinals, which sort of gets under the skin of our other employees but it keeps the seasons fun and exciting. She enjoys a lot of different music but her favorite band is No Doubt and she loves the movie Pride & Prejudice. Her favorite product here at the shop is the lift chairs.


respiratory care practitioner

Angie has been working for Family Medical for fourteen years. She is a Respiratory Care Practitioner and truly cares for our clients CPAP needs. In fact, her favorite Family Medical product is CPAP gear because she says “ I want everyone to be rested and pleasant.” Her favorite teams are the Chicago Bears, Bulls, and Cubs. She enjoys everything from hair metal to heavy metal music and would like to check off traveling around the world on her bucket list.